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Our Services

Alexis Alexandrou IT Consulting distinguishes itself in the area of tailored information technology solutions that match your company’s specific needs, allowing you to meet your goals. We place an emphasis on speeding up the procedures and promoting success through the development, implementation, and accomplishment of tactical solutions by our experienced team.


With cutting-edge technology along with financial resources, human capital and software capable of generating optimal ROI - we assure seamless operations across all departments within your organization.


We make you and your business more efficient as well as give you access to new avenues that once seemed not possible by leveraging the latest technologies. Our modern security technologies are our main insurance against online threats. 


With our expert project management techniques, we guarantee adherence to pre-set standards from start to finish within the budget constraints. Our mission is to develop an innovative IT system that is very powerful in how it performs application lifecycles, which supports and ensures business processes. Apart from this, we also make sure that the workflow is always consistent by providing support in the drafting of the disaster recovery plan and by minimizing any technical problems that may occur.


As our client, you will have access to our periodic reports on technological revolutions and emergent trends. With our knowledge, we make your long-term goals more obvious and achievable by blending technologies that are appropriate for all the needs of your staff.

IT Strategy

In the current highly dynamic digital world, the business needs to have a clear IT strategy.


We come in by tying up your technical targets with your overall business goals, so that all of the technology investments that you make directly contribute to the success of your business. Our well-experienced team of professionals is by your side to identify and eliminate the possible risks, and to promote the implementation of strong security measures to protect your valuable data and assets from cyber threats.


We develop an all-inclusive plan for implementing the latest technology within the processes used by your firm to improve the work experience and performance. We reduce operational costs, which enables us to have more funds to focus on improving performance levels. Our IT infrastructure adapts easily to suit the evolving demands of your enterprise, prioritizing adaptability and scalability as necessary factors.

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Information Security

We take the time to learn what makes you different and what protection deficiencies you may have. At the outset, we assess your current security protocols in-depth and pinpoint potential threats or vulnerabilities that may be present in your applications, systems or networks. Unlike the traditional one-size-fits-all approach, our team specialists collaborate with you to design a personalized protection plan specific to your distinctive risks and obstacles.


We use a multi-layered strategy that includes implementing strong access controls and encryption mechanisms, configuring robust incident response plans, and other security controls which all together provide thorough protection for your business’ sensitive data. Our objective is to take proactive measures in the prevention of the security breaches and at the same time be well prepared to deal with any such emergency.


The main aspects of our Information Security Service are its flexibility and its ability to expand. This means that the solutions we choose for your business will be responsive to time since the demands and legal requirements are subject to change. If you operate in a highly regulated domain or just wish to boost your security stature, we have the resources necessary to help you meet your security goals.

IT Projects Management

The significance of strategic project management in implementing numerous IT programs is huge as it ensures timely and budget-friendly project implementation that meets the goals set out. Our IT Projects Management Service is a full package service offering that you can rely on for all your needs. Our diverse collection of tools empowers you to oversee IT projects of varying sizes, guaranteeing their completion within budgetary and deadline constraints while encompassing all necessary features.


Our services are guided by a fundamental rule which mandates us to align every aspect of the project with your organization's goals and objectives. We will put together a tailored plan in order to achieve your goals. Our plan will be personalized so it is very successful managing the project which meets what managerial style meets your needs. By doing this, we make sure that your vision is carried out correctly and that the value of your IT assets is maximized.

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Effective Communication

Ultimately, the success of an organization hinges on effective communication which lays the groundwork for teamwork and coordination leading to increased employee efficiency throughout various departments. To aid this process, our service provides essential tools to augment communication levels whilst fostering a transparent social environment of clarity and openness throughout your business.


Our proficient team will assess your present communication methods to identify any areas that need further enhancements. This may entail optimizing internal procedures, implementing digital tools strategically or developing engagement strategies for stakeholders. Our tailored plan of action matches your organizational goals and objectives seamlessly.

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